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High Efficiency Gas Furnace Options:

Save money on heating bills by replacing your old furnace with a new high efficiency gas furnace. New furnaces are much more efficient and our expert representatives can guide you through the options and help you choose the right furnace for your needs. We provide free quotes on all furnace replacements and work with our vendors to ensure we can offer the best possible price.

Ask us about options for financing your furnace, including low monthly payment schedules. For questions or to schedule a free estimate call us at 780-464-3337 or book an appointment.

First Call Heating offers a wide range of Amana, Essentials by First Call and Lennox Furnaces.  All of these high efficiency furnaces are either single, two stage or modulating furnaces.

Single Stage Furnace

A single stage furnace is a simple ON/OFF switch.

When the thermostat calls for heat, the furnace comes on, will run at full power until the call for heat has been satisfied and then shut itself off.

This furnace will provide the heat needed but may not provide the consistent temperatures throughout the home enjoyed with a two stage or modulating furnace, but it is the most affordable option to purchase.

Our Single Stage Furnace Lineup

Two Stage Furnace

The burner in a two stage furnace runs at two different levels.  It comes on with a lower power level when only a little heat is required to maintain a consistent temperature but on those cold Edmonton days, it will go to full power to keep your home cozy and warm.

This type of furnace is generally quieter and more efficient than a single stage furnace.

Two stage furnaces are a good balance between comfort and value, providing a higher level of comfort than a single stage furnace but at a lower price than a modulating, high efficiency furnace.

Our Two Stage Furnace Lineup

Modulating Furnace

Modulating furnaces are the best option for constant and consistent temperature in your home.  The burners run at very precise increments, allowing for even the smallest changes in temperature in your home to be addressed by your heating system.

Our modulating furnaces also run with a DC Variable Drive motor.  This motor can run consistently, circulating the air in your home, allowing for better air quality and more even temperatures.  While only costing pennies per day to run.

Our modulating furnaces can achieve 98% efficiency which means that for every dollar that goes into your heating gas consumption, 98 cents is used to heat your home.

Our modulating furnace lineup

At First Call, we stand behind the quality products we carry, and are committed to providing a full range of services to ensure complete satisfaction over the lifespan of your new furnace.

If you aren’t sure if you need a furnace replacement or you are interested in learning more about our gas furnaces, contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch right away.

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