Stay Warm and Cozy all Winter Long

Book before November 30, 2019 and receive $20 off your furnace tune up*

Keep your furnace running at peak performance and prevent unwanted breakdowns in those cold winter months.

Annual furnace tune ups can identify potential issues preventing breakdowns when your furnace is working extra hard on those very cold winter days.  At First Call Heating & Air Conditioning, our expert service technicians will keep your furnace running effectively to maximize its lifespan.

Our expert service technicians will complete the following checks and

  • Check the pilot light and assembly.  If the pilot fails to light, your furnace will shut down, resulting in no heat.
  • Check gas pressure.  Correct gas pressure is essential to the efficiency of your furnace.
  • Inspect the igniter to ensure it is firing as it should.
  • Take note of any unusual noises from the furnace that may point to an issue.
  • Inspect the flue pipe for any leaks or signs of corrosion.
  • Check for restrictions in incoming and outgoing venting.
  • Take readings related to the temperature of the furnace.
  • Inspect all pulleys and belts.
  • Check the condition of the furnace filter.
  • Checking the amperage of the blower and ventor motors.

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