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There is nothing worse than flipping the switch on your thermostat to ‘cool’ and not feeling the sweet relief of cold air entering your room.

Sometimes even the most well-maintained system is in need of repair.

Our First Call team will assess and repair your air conditioner as quickly as possible. We provide air conditioning repair in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and St. Albert.  Our qualified technicians offer cost-effective home air conditioning repair to get your home cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days of summer.

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Air Conditioning Repair Tips  

While our professional and experienced technicians are only a phone call away, here are a few things you can check yourself. Sometimes it’s a really simple and common issue you might be experiencing and we want to help get your cool air working as quickly as possible.

Try these super common air conditioning trouble shooting tips first:

  • Is the power switch turned on? Start the process of elimination at the power source by testing your air conditioning unit’s on/off switch, as well as the breaker.
  • Check your filter. Some units have a built-in shut-off mechanism if filters are dirty and not functioning properly.
  • Is the intake blocked? Remove any items or debris that may be restricting air flow to your system.
  • Double-check your thermostat settings and your thermostat battery.
  • Check the doors and closures on your unit to make sure everything is securely fastened.

Did this help? If not, we’re happy to come out and take a look! Book an appointment.

Easy Air Conditioner Repair

First Call makes the repair process as easy as possible. Our friendly office staff will book an appointment that works with your schedule. We’ll show up to quickly diagnose your system issues and repair your air conditioner, usually in one visit.

We service and repair all makes and models of A/C’s. Count on our team to get your system back up and running and your home cool as soon as possible.

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